Why Put an ATM in Your Store?

Why Put an ATM in Your Store?

There is a multitude of benefits that installing an ATM in your store can bring. Is your business cash only? Have you seen customers leave your store or restaurant to grab cash only to never return? Having an ATM in your store will eliminate that hassle. Not only will it help keep customers in, but it can also bring a small profit as well. Here are 4 reasons installing an ATM will benefit you emmensly.

Increased Foot Traffic

When an ATM inside is accessible to anyone, it can bring in a ton of foot traffic. Even if these customers are just there for the ATM, they have to go inside of your store; meaning they are looking around at merchandise. There are always people who need to grab cash, and those people love convenience. Customers may choose your business solely based on the fact that they are able to use the ATM while inside, giving you the edge over neighboring establishments.

Reduce Credit Card Fees

On average, credit card companies typically charge businesses a fee from 1-4% of the charge. When a customer uses your ATM, there is absolutely no charge to you, only the customer withdrawing cash. The more patrons using cash, the fewer fees you will have to pay. This also benefits you by reducing the number of checks patrons may want to use to pay, and decrease the hassle of any bounce-back or disputes from those paying with a card.


Your ATM machine charges a surcharge for each transaction, which is determined by you, then goes straight into your pocket. There is no bad time for a business to add a source of hassle-free revenue to its storefront. It may just be a few dollars a day, but it will add up and become the easiest way to make money in your store.

Overall Customer Satisfaction

There will be no hassle or drawback for customers who prefer or need to pay with cash over their card. No patron will be turned away due to a lack of cash. The ATM has made it extremely convenient and pleasant for your customers to shop in your store, leaving them happy and satisfied every time they come in.

Overall, ATM installation in your business will allow complete customer satisfaction, an extra source of revenue, decreased hassle, and bring more patrons to your storefront. To learn more about the benefits installing an ATM will bring to your business, give New York ATM a call at 917-842-6201.