Full Service ATM Placements

New York ATM is offering full service ATM placements for qualifying locations!

Call 917-842-6201 to discuss with an expert!

  • Free Up Your Cash – No more trips to the bank! 
  • Advanced Technology – We use the latest equipment & provide our own internet connection! 
  • Safe & Secure – ATM charge backs & theft are our problem, not yours! 

New York ATM’s expert technicians have over 20 years of ATM installation experience. We are New York’s premier shop for the best technology available in the industry. We create lasting relationships with our clients; we work with you closely throughout the whole process!


When inquiring about ATMs, there is much to consider. Which machine will work best for your store front, where is the optimal location for placement, and how to keep them running smoothly and properly. Our team at New York ATM is happy to provide expert advice on machines available, placement within your business, and continued maintenance services whenever you need us. New York ATM is the best partner to have when beginning your ATM business!

The Industry's Best ATM Technology

Hyosung Halo II

  • Entry level cost-efficiency
  • Optional EMV card reader
  • 1k removable cassette
  • TCP/IP and Dial-up communications