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Want to purchase an ATM machine for your business? We have a full selection of machines and our service technicians gladly provide maintenance and repairs.


Hyosung Halo II

  • Entry level cost-efficiency
  • Optional EMV card reader
  • 1k removable cassette
  • TCP/IP and Dial-up communications

Hyosung 2700CE

  • Professional styling for higher end locations
  • 10.1″ display screen
  • Upgradable to 3 cassettes
  • Optional video topper to run advertising

Hyosung 5000SE

  • Perfect for the lobby of a financial institution
  • Windows CE
  • Optional Level 1 Safe
  • Optional Security Camera

GenMega GT5000

  • Through-The-Wall ATM
  • 15″ color screen
  • 1700 note cassette
  • Upgradable to 3 cassettes

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