Why Every Hotel Should Have an ATM

Why Every Hotel Should Have an ATM

You’ve checked into your beautiful hotel, spent some time at the pool, and perused the shop of goodies in the lobby. Checking your wallet, you realize you have no cash. Of course, it may not be a problem because you can charge it to your room. Unfortunately, the final bill can be shocking after charging so many random items to your room. Cash provides the knowledge of just how much you are spending without the guesswork, but there is no ATM. Thus, the importance of an ATM in a hotel becomes apparent – and there’s more.  

Makes it Special

It can be a pleasant surprise to see an ATM in a hotel lobby. Having the option for cash when you need it can be a relief. Given the benefits of an ATM nearby, some might choose to stay in a different hotel because of the machine’s availability. The next time you are asked if your hotel has an ATM, be able to say, “yes!”

Boost Your Reviews

Truthfully, it is unlikely that the absence of an ATM would be the cause of a poor review. However, the presence of an ATM can be a great way to give a slight boost in online reviews! People love options. With the opportunity to use a hotel ATM, you provide another service that can add to the overall experience. 

ATMs Help People Spend More Money

For many people, having cash means spending cash. A trip to the hotel bar could mean purchasing an extra drink because they have cash. Cash could mean buying an extra candy bar in the hotel shop. It could even result in a decadent dessert in the hotel restaurant. The opportunity to increase the hotel revenue is higher when an ATM is involved. Think about these opportunities for cash:

  • Vending machines
  • Laundry facilities
  • Tips 
  • Arcade

While not all hotels have the ability to offer these benefits to guests, these opportunities commonly require cash. With an ATM handy, visitors can be prepared to pay for these options. 

The Hotel Doesn’t Have to Do Much with an ATM

You might be thinking, the hotel employees don’t know how to maintain an ATM. That is a fair point for most people. Fortunately, hotel employees do not have to be responsible for handling, maintaining, or stocking the ATM. Installation, maintenance, and stocking an ATM is a job that tends to go to an experienced professional. 

Get an ATM

Having an ATM installed in your hotel lobby is not a complicated process. In fact, New York ATM are ATM installation and maintenance experts willing to come to your aid. If you’re ready to get the process started or have questions, reach out to New York ATM for expert information. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form!