Why An ATM Machine is Good for Your Small Business

Why An ATM Machine is Good for Your Small Business

Having an ATM Machine in your business is something that might seem unnecessary, but it has hidden benefits you likely aren’t thinking about. Adding an ATM machine is a good idea for almost any small business! Check out these exciting benefits that could come along with the addition of an ATM in your business. 

More Foot Traffic

An ATM encourages foot traffic by people who otherwise may not have entered your business. This is because people always need cash! If you advertise that there’s an ATM inside, people will come in just to use it. While this doesn’t guarantee they’ll spend any money at the business, it does offer better odds than if they didn’t come in at all!

Someone coming in to use the ATM can still take a glance around your business, enjoy the atmosphere, and they just might get inspired to spend some of the cash they’ve pulled.

Added Convenience

Your customers will love the convenience of having access to an ATM inside your business. It shows that you’ve thought about what your customers might need, including cash, and took the steps to make that possible in your business. 

Another Form of Income

You might not make a lot off of an ATM in your business, but you’re guaranteed to make something! Any additional form of revenue is a good thing when you’re a small business owner. You’ll make money on the ATM fees in addition to any money made off the extra foot traffic coming in. 

Think of adding an ATM to your small business as investing yourself with an almost guaranteed secondary income stream. You can use that extra money to upgrade your business, save for the future, and so much more.

Encourage Cash Payments and Tips

Adding an ATM to your small business makes it easier for customers to pay or tip with cash. This reduces credit card transaction fees and makes it easier for customers to tip. It’s also been proven that customers who tip with cash are more generous than those who tip on their card at the time of purchase. That means that in addition to extra foot traffic and the money you’ll make from the ATM directly, there’s a third way for the ATM to bring more revenue to your small business!

If you’re interested in adding an ATM to your small business, contact New York ATM today. We are expert ATM installers with the latest ATM technology and answers to any questions you might have. You’ll be amazed at how quick and easy it is to add an ATM to your small business with a team of expert installers doing all the heavy lifting. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form!