What is the Best ATM? Advice From an Expert

What is the Best ATM? Advice From an Expert

Starting Out With ATMs

I remember that when I first got into the business I would buy and sell whatever ATM was cheapest at that moment. After a few years, I had a small portfolio which included models made by Tidel, WRG, Wellington, Triton and Tranax. The first two brands are long gone, the American-made Wellington and Triton are a tiny percentage of their former selves. And Tranax has since split into Hyosung and GenMega, two Korean manufacturers that probably account for 80% or more of retail ATM sales.

What I’ve Learned

Looking back, owning ATMs by five different manufacturers caused a lot of confusion and wasted a lot of time. That was okay when we were smaller, but in order to grow you need to be more efficient – own one set of spare parts and learn one set of error codes without having to consult the Operator Manual every time someone calls.

Choose One Brand

Therefore, my recommendation is to choose either GenMega OR Hyosung as your ATM brand. Choose one and stick with them. Both are global companies and not likely to disappear any time soon. That decision generally means you need to only stock one set of parts and become familiar with one suite of software. Plus, if you put all your business with one manufacturer you might be able to get a discount with one of the larger distributors.

Personally, I sell and own all Hyosungs, a decision made almost a decade ago based more upon timing more than anything else. When Tranax split into Hyosung and GenMega, Hyosung continued to manufacture the 1500 while GenMega was without a product for a short period of time. Because I already owned a fair number of 1500s, I continued to buy them and moved to the 1800 when it was introduced by Hyosung shortly thereafter.

Purchasing Your ATM

Asking ATM guys to compare the Hyosung to the GenMega is like asking car racing fans who is better: Ford or Chevy. Everyone has an opinion! The bottom line however is that both have their strengths and weaknesses, but both are excellent ATMs. The ATM expert team at New York ATM has decades of experience with ATMs, and we are more than happy to give you our best industry advice prior to your purchase and installation.

If you’d like to learn more about the ATM business or are ready for a great price on a new Hyosung ATM, give Jon at New York ATM a call: 917-842-6201.