The Major Benefits of Installing an ATM

The Major Benefits of Installing an ATM

Have you ever considered how an ATM in your place of business might add value to your organization? There are many reasons to install an ATM at your location, including increased traffic to your business. If you’ve ever thought about ways to improve your storefront, restaurant, or other business, these significant benefits of installing an ATM may convince you to take the next step. 

Get a Revenue Boost

There are several ways that an ATM can boost your organization’s revenue. For one, the location that hosts an ATM obtains extra revenue from the surcharges on the machine. This is essentially an extra income for which the owner does not have to work – the ATM technicians do all the work! In the event of an ATM malfunction, owners simply need to follow these steps:

  1. Contact ATM maintenance organization.
  2. Allow technician to fix.
  3. Go about their day.

Additionally, the availability of cash makes customers spend more money. Revenue is also regularly increased from the presence of an ATM by having customers enter the location solely for the machine. When those people are in your business, they are more inclined to purchase something. This is especially true for ATMs that display store or business advertisements on the screen. 

Decrease Fees from Credit Cards

As a business owner, you likely pay a hefty fee to credit card companies. While it is convenient for consumers to use credit cards, doing so also means that the credit card companies have to charge businesses to make a profit. While many businesses accept this as a fact, increasing cash sales will also decrease credit card fees. The availability of an ATM is an easy way to increase those cash sales.

Offer Customer Safety

Have you ever used an ATM and felt a little nervous going to your next destination? This might be especially true if you have withdrawn a large sum of cash. When you have an ATM in the location where customers will spend the cash, they can feel much safer. There is no need to walk to the next destination with a wad of cash in their wallet. They don’t have to worry about losing it or getting mugged going from one place to another. Think about customer safety and install an ATM in your location.

Ask an ATM Expert

Contact a professional to gather additional details if you’re still on the fence about installing an ATM in your business location. New York ATM is an ATM installation and maintenance expert and is willing to discuss any questions you might have. With an expert available to you now and after installation, you can be sure that you are gaining the extra revenue that could make all the difference for your organization. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form for more information!