Pros and Cons of an Outdoor ATM

Pros and Cons of an Outdoor ATM

Location plays an important role when starting an ATM business. Every location comes with its respective benefits and disadvantages, including indoors and outdoors. The majority of the ATMs are outdoor, which you consider when choosing a business environment. Every business-oriented individual must understand their desired site’s pros and cons before installing the ATM. Neglecting this might have consequences in the future. 

Here are the things you should know about outdoor ATMs:

Pros of Outdoor ATM

When you eventually choose to locate your ATM outdoor, you stand to gain a lot. This includes;

  • Significant Profit

The openness of your ATM to the public implies that different people can patronize you. The visibility is enough to pull more users, including passersby, from a completely different location. Suppose your ATM is in good condition and serves the people to their satisfaction. In that case, you can rest assured of making a lot of money from the position you chose.

  • 24-Hours Availability

This is one of the major differences between the ATM indoor and the one situated outdoor. When a store or the site is closed, people can’t use the indoor ATM. That is not the case for ATMs placed outdoors, as people can walk to the location whenever they need to make a transaction. Whatever operation you need to do on an outdoor ATM is possible without restrictions.

  • Space Maximization

Installing an ATM outside helps maximize the vacant space for a productive venture, especially if it is directly in front of a store. It doesn’t come at discomfort or inconvenience to anyone compared to indoor spaces that require taking up some spaces. Occupying a space outdoor opens you to more earnings, which the hidden ATM will not generate for you.

Cons of Outdoor ATM

While the outdoor ATM has mouth-watering benefits, there are some constraints that you might want to consider too.

  • Security Expenses

Because you have your ATM installed outdoors, you need to incur expenses on security to ensure maximum protection. Aside from the security expenses, you might need to spend more to prevent harsh weather conditions from damaging your valuable asset. The indoor ATM is under the protection of the site owner or stores when they lock the store.

  • Susceptibility to Theft and Safety Concerns

An outdoor ATM without adequate protection is vulnerable to vandalism. Users’ information can get leaked to scammers when thieves decide to destroy the machine. Additionally, individual preference based on safety concerns can make people opt for the indoor ATM because they believe it is safe.

  • Unfavorable Weather Conditions

When snow falls during seasons such as winter, it will affect revenue generation because users will most likely find the best alternative. Indoor ATMs thrive well during rainy seasons as no one wants to get drenched or cold using the outside machine.

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Both indoors and outdoors are great locations for ATM business. However, it is essential to look at the cost and benefits for you before opting for one. If you need help installing your new machine, New York ATM is an ATM installation and maintenance expert! Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form!