Can I Install an ATM Outside?

Can I Install an ATM Outside?

ATMs are a convenient way to get cash without taking a trip inside the bank. ATMs are everywhere, from gas stations to grocery stores, so why not have one outside your event or business? If you have questions about ATMs and where they can be installed, you aren’t alone. An ATM installer in your area is the best resource for questions you have, but we can review some of the basics first.

Where Can an ATM be Installed?

An ATM can be installed practically anywhere that has access to electricity. That’s what makes them so great! Nothing beats having easy access to funds when you need them. ATMs can be placed indoors or outdoors to best meet your needs. It’s estimated that people are 50% more likely to spend money if there’s an ATM nearby, inside or out.

Offline VS Online ATMs

There are different types of ATMs for various businesses, but the most significant difference you need to know is an offline VS an online ATM. An offline ATM allows users to perform transactions, but there are no real-time balance updates.

For an ATM to provide customers with a balance after each transaction, you need an online ATM. It’s a convenient feature that it’s required but greatly appreciated by ATM users.

Indoor VS Outdoor ATMs

Installing an ATM inside is nice because it’s protected against the weather, and you can keep a close eye on how it’s performing. Alternatively, placing an ATM outside provides easier access for people that need to use it. If they have to come inside the business to use the ATM, they might choose not to use it at all.

Does a Bank Have to Install the ATM?

Even though ATMs connect users with their bank accounts, an ATM doesn’t have to be associated with a bank. Business owners and event hosts can contact an ATM installer for a third-party ATM without dealing with an actual bank. ATM fees apply at non-bank ATMs, but that’s no surprise.

ATM Installation and Maintenance

We already know that ATMs can be installed practically anywhere, but how easy are they to install? To put it simply, it isn’t a DIY job. All ATM installation and maintenance should be performed by an experienced ATM servicing company.

Improper installation can actually cause your ATM to be more of a nuisance than a convenient feature. The last thing you want is an ATM that isn’t working correctly when customers or party-goers are trying to access their funds to spend.

If you’d like to learn more about installing an ATM outside your event or business, contact New York ATM today! We are the experts in ATM installation and maintenance. From choosing the right ATM for your needs to maintaining it in the future, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form to get started!