Best ATM Placement for a Bar

Best ATM Placement for a Bar

It’s easy to think that once you have an ATM installed, you’ll be bringing in the profits immediately, but there are quite a few things that can affect how well your ATM business does. One of the most important things to consider is where the ATM should be installed. This is especially important if you’re installing the machine in a bar. Bad placement could mean that your machine doesn’t attract any users at all. To make sure your ATM business stays booming in your bar, follow this simple guide for the best ATM placement for a bar. 

Think About Visibility

An ATM is only useful if people know it’s there, so make sure visibility is a priority when choosing your location. This presents a challenge for a bar where there are lots of tables, chairs, stools, and more than can block that visibility. Consider placing multiple signs above the machine and around the bar indicating its location to attract eyes to your machine. You could also consider installing more than one machine if your bar gets particularly busy. This will also cut down on lines and crowding around the ATM. 

Consider Safety

Using an ATM makes people vulnerable as they are focusing on their task and could attract unwanted attention. Make user safety a priority when choosing your ATM location by ensuring it isn’t near corners. It’s also a good idea to include surveillance cameras nearby and a mirror on the machine itself to help users see behind them. 

Choose Indoors or Out

Both indoor and outdoor locations can be beneficial for an ATM at a bar. Even non-bar patrons have access to the machine if placed outside, so you’ll get a lot more business. However, the outdoor installation makes the machine more vulnerable to damage or theft, so make sure you have proper security cameras installed. An indoor position will be more convenient for bar customers, so they’ll be more likely to use the machine. 

Natural Foot Traffic

Finally, think about the natural path of foot traffic in your bar to help find an excellent location for your ATM. Generally, somewhere near the front door will work well because it allows customers to see it as soon as they walk in. However, be careful of how the machine is oriented; if a line builds up, you don’t want it to block the door and cause a fire hazard. 

Observe the natural foot traffic of your bar. The layout of tables, bathroom, front door, and the bar itself will show you where people gravitate and where might be best for your ATM in the bar. 


Once you’ve decided where to put an ATM in your bar, it’s time to get in touch with professionals for installation. Our expert team at New York ATM will be able to get an ATM  installed professionally so you can start making even more profit from your bar! Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form for more information!