A Guide to the ATM Installation Process

A Guide to the ATM Installation Process

The automated Teller Machine (ATM) is one of our most significant inventions in the world of financial transactions. It enables us to have much access to cash anytime we want, irrespective of the location or weather. Even with the rise in usage of online payment platforms, cash remains an essential means of payment and a must-have item in purses or wallets. 

Considering this, the installation of an ATM in your small, medium, or large-sized business store is a well-thought investment. Among other advantages, having an ATM stand in your shop or store increases foot traffic into your store. 

With more people coming over to your store, the chances that some of the cash withdrawn is spent at your shop/stop increases.


We have provided below a comprehensive guide for ATM installation.


      Choosing a spot goes beyond just locating the perfect place to fix the machine. You have to put into consideration a few things like:


  • Choosing where the customers or passerby can easily locate 
  • Avoid a location that would block the register or be too close to the entrance—this creates a crowded scene and discourages potential customers from coming in.
  • Consideration for the disabled should also be put in place. The access area should be accommodating to those in wheelchairs.
  • Ensure to check with the Local Government about any other requirements relating to the ATM location.



 Follow the crime statistics around the area, and put them into consideration. This would determine if the ATM would be positioned inward or outward, equipped with automated rolling shutters, a rear loading machine, or onsite CCTV.


Anchoring the ATM involves drilling holes to secure it against potential criminals who might want to lift the machine, not minding the size.


Besides simply installing your ATM, you’re going to need an efficient internet connection. If you’re using a phone line, a connection should be explicitly dedicated to your ATM so that service is not interrupted. Another option to use is an Ethernet connection that runs through a computer.


 It is vital to ensure that you’ve removed all security firewalls that might disrupt the connection between the machine and the host.


You could also choose if you want to go for a fully serviced ATM, which comes with its own cash loading services, or that which you’ll personally have to provide the cash yourself.



Beyond installation, maintenance is also an integral part of the operation of any machine. The ATM is no different. Creating a good rapport with the installer and scheduling upkeep periods would help it last longer. This method is also cost-efficient.



If you experience difficulty installing your ATM, it pays to seek experts services. This doesn’t only help you save time; it also guarantees a job well done.

You can contact experts at New York ATM are for your ATM installation and maintenance. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form for more information!